Camera Drones 101

  • Introduction To Drones
  • Camera drone basics
  • The best camera drones today

Learning how to fly drones is one of the best learning experiences there is. There’s nothing like the joy of seeing your first drone take off and fly. It’s like you were transported back in time when you were just a kid dreaming of flying a remote controlled airplane toy. This time though, a drone is not just a mere toy. It is a complex piece of equipment that needs to be studied in order to operate properly. Make sure you setup your drone with the right settings before you start recording videos and taking photos.

There are two types of drones, those with cameras and those without. For this article, we will be talking more about the camera drones as this the most used type of drone today. Camera drones are basically drones that can record images and videos while in flight. Some people may think that these types of drones are way too expensive for them to afford, but that is simply not true anymore. Today, there are camera drones that only cost $35. That’s even cheaper than a GoPro right? Anyway, before getting one, you need to consider 3 things. 1st, you need to figure out if you need your drone to take still shots since most drones can only record videos. There are others though that can do this type of stuff. So, that’s a priority on your end. Next thing you need to know is the megapixels of the camera. You need to determine if the camera can capture great images, after all, it is a camera drone. A 10 megapixel or higher camera should do quite nicely. Another thing to consider is if it is using a detachable, because if you are not always recording footage, it is a good idea to detach the camera to save or extend the battery life.

This review is more or less your mini intro into the coolness of camera drones. It has the same effect as when you use that iherb coupon when purchasing these health products at So what are you waiting for? Scour for that camera drone of your choosing online and start producing images that perk up the imagination of your viewers.

Make sure you setup your drone with the right settings before you start recording. After all, ensuring that your drone flies smoothly is your number 1 priority. If you are looking for high quality drones, here’s a list you need to check out:

  • DJI Phantom 3 Advanced
  • Parrot BeBop 2
  • DJI Phantom Inspire 1
  • Blade Chroma 4K
  • 3D Robotics Solo